Extended the poke boat excursion string to two with a trip to Grasshopper today. I guess I knew it was gator season but didn’t appreciate exactly what that meant from the perspective of a cruise across the pad field in a micro boat. I could hear any number of loud grunts and knew they were gators but until I saw a couple near that front island up close and personal, I didn’t consider that we (me and the boat) were approx equal in size to several of the locals. None of them did anything aggressive and for sure I didn’t do anything to piss them off so it all worked out just fine. As usual it proved a tough lake, made even tougher by strong east winds. It was like casting from a boat with the trolling motor running on full throttle. I managed to snag one about 4 pounds on a devil’s horse so it wasn’t a total loss. There was a guy from Kentucky fishing there with his son and they had one about the same size on shiners.

I read an article in the bassmasters written by a guy who scuba’d (verb form) lakes he fished to find spots. He mentioned that clear boats scared fish and suggested dark hulls were better. Maybe that was my problem so I’m thinking of doing a camo paint job on the bottom of the boat. I’m wondering if I painted pictures of fish on the bottom, would that attract them? would it be better to paint fake shiners so they gather for a feed or paint bass so they gather around for a meeting?

Lake Inez water temp 80. Another week should do it for me!

3 thoughts on “grasshopper

  1. I couldn’t care less about the pictures; Those can be faked. I am looking for the hard evidence of an invitation to a fish fry!


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