big mama

You probably want all the details on “big mama”. Went out about 6PM and fished until 7PM. Got the fish on the last cast. It was the only strike I got. Caught it about 20′ past the corner where our property meets Grover’s property and right, dead up against the shore. I had worked back from the far corner towards our dock and got to this point just about dark and planned to head in right after this cast. I about dropped my teeth when it jumped and I saw how big it was – for sure the biggest I’ve caught in the lake to date. Yanked out quite a bit of line between jumps so all in all, a fun catch. Red Shad – Gamagatsu strikes again.

2 thoughts on “big mama

  1. Notice how its always the last cast “just before going in”. This must be a
    standard fish tale insert.
    Good job Joe.


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