Ok, let’s give this blogo thing a go.
It’s been windy today. Now, there’s windy and then there’s wiiinnnndayyyyy. I went down on the dock this morning and noticed a few things blown around a bit but nothing I couldn’t deal with. Went back about 2PM and noticed the furniture had been rearranged. Rearranged and missing. This time the adirondak chair ended up at the far corner of Grover’s property. The way the wind and water are running I imagine it took about 2 minutes for it to make it from the dock to where it got hung up – probably 2-250′. Even more interesting, one of the kayaks that had been laying towards George’s side, was still on the dock but only because the ladder had caught it. Hard to believe that it could have moved at all let alone that far. So, Wiinnnndayyyyyyyyy.

3 thoughts on “windy

  1. I couldn’t believe it when we found the chair in the water the other day, but that was a lot of wind. I can’t believe that would seem to be a somewhat “regular” occurence.


  2. My guess is that Mae Ashcroft sneaks over and dumps them in the water on her way to some cow tipping even in Seville…


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